Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"End of Day Reflection"

Today was a hard day! I did get a lot done at work. I had a meeting, and then returned to work only to find out that I had compiled a report completely wrong. The sad part was that I was so excited to be done with it last week and I was feeling kind of good about myself. :-D Well, the lesson is that it is okay to make mistakes and the words of my dad have been ringing in my ear ever since I realized the mistake..."Hast Makes Waste." Well it is true. I will make sure that I take my time when gathering info. and check it before handing it to the next person... Lesson learned. I also realized today that I need to make time for myself by having "girl time." Sometimes I get so busy with the activities of the day/week that I don't even realize that I miss or need it. I don't realize my need for it until I have had an emotional melt down...One that would have been cured or even prevented with a little TLC from the girls and a glass of wine :-)! My husband is doing well and our son is just growing like crazy. He is now 8 months!!! He is such a joy! My goal for the next week is to set up some "Girl Time!" Can't Wait!!!