Monday, February 23, 2009

Gaining Inspiration from Words!!!

There are many things that inspire me! I am sure that I have mentioned this some point...but I love early mornings. The newness of the morning brings me to a place of calm. I have most of my best ideas between 5:30am-9am. I don't get to have this long stretch of time every morning because I am a wife and mommy of a 15 mo. old, but when I do get my is priceless.

This book is amazing. Uncommon by Tony Dungy. I am only on page 91 I believe, but I have been truly inspired and convicted. This book is geared towards both older and younger men, but I believe that us girls can get a lot from it too!... Especially if we are raising young boys. It is also good to read it and then pass it on to a male in your life...that way you know what it is they are reading and you can ask them about what they think.

I am hoping that my father and my two younger brothers will read it!

I am also studying a number a things in the Bible! Galatians is a very powerful book. At times it is hard to have consistent and in depth Bible Studies...but I try to read daily.

My devotionals would not be complete without my journal! I have journals from the past 15-20 years that I have kept. I think that it is so important to write out your thoughts, prayers, dreams, and fears. It is also amazing to look back on what you had written and see how God has brought you through!!!

Last but not least...A cup of Coffee! My first cup of the day is the best. It helps to set the tone!

This morning has been a very good morning thus far!!! Now it is time for me to get moving, wake up my family, and begin the activities of my day!!!

Psalm 37:3-4
Until Next Time!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Best Moments

I love holding my son! As he gets older the more difficult it is to keep him still for those sweet hugs! He is only 13 months old, but I know the years will fly by. At church on Sunday they made a prayer announcement for a mother who just lost her 8 year old son in a sledding accident! The day before I watched the movie John Q with Denzel Washington, and I cried so much! Kids are just so precious. My good friend said, "Having a child is like wearing your heart on your sleeve"...and now I understand what she means. Each day is not promised... You could be going on about your business one minute with you kids by your side...and the next minute...

The point is that we need to make the most of our time with our kids!!! We need to try not to be so busy...too busy to spend time and enjoy those sweet hugs!
Until next Time,