Saturday, November 1, 2008

Train Mural Process #1

I began this mural last Saturday night...As you may already know...I am a wife, full time working mommy and an when I paint...I have to schedule it around my life! I enjoy every project that I do!! With this project I typically worked on it after 9 or 10pm until about 2am. The owners were nice enough to give me a key to the center, which gave me the freedom to come and go as I pleased! I met all of the wonderful security guards that monitor the buildings in the area too!

With this project, I drew the design, and traced it on overhead projector paper and then projected it onto the wall and traced the image. I liked this technique because it allowed me to ensure that the size of each cart would balance with the one before and after it! I traced the image with a pale gray color. If you use a color that is too may run into some problems when it comes time to paint in the colors that you want to use...the tracing lines may show through the paint.

You are not able to see it in the final pictures...but I painted the letters a little thicker to make them stand out better. I will take pics. of those soon.

Train Mural Process #2

I took me a while to get the shading the way that I wanted it on each cart! I wanted each cart to be different but fun and fit the theme of the Learning Center. I used acrylic paints for this mural...some paints had a gloss to them which added a nice touch!

Train Mural Process #3

The final stages of the mural consisted of painting on the letter in each cart. I think my biggest fear was missing a letter from the alphabet :-)! The owner was so thrilled with the final outcome of the project! I was too!!!