Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally... Before Shots of My Studio :-O

I have the finished results of my studio on my other blog. The link is also on this blog. Although it was such a process to get this room organized, I took a journey down memory lane that I wasn't expecting. I looked at some of my old paintings and how did I do that. Or what was I going through in my life when I created this. I found so many old pictures. I found many pictures that reminded me of college and my sorority days, pictures of my little brothers from when they were babies (now they are 18 and 14 yrs. old), and now pics. of my son and my husband. The circle of life is amazing. I also looked through some of my old journals. I have always kept a journal. I have journals that I have written in from the past 10-15 yrs. It is amazing to see how I have grown over the years. So many past memores are already stored here in my special space! I can't wait to create more memories here!