Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Family Photo

Josh, my husband and I haven't had a picture taken of the three of us for about 3 months. Here we are at a local Mexican Restaurant over the weekend. The older Josh gets, the more he wants to do his own thing. I think Lee and I thought that Josh was going to always be the nice and quiet baby we took to the movies when he was just a few months old. He slept the whole time. Those days are no more...but it has been truly amazing to see him grow. He learns something new everyday. He just started taking steps about two weeks ago. Now he can do about 6+ steps before falling. My husband is just blossoming into an incredible "DaDa", as Josh calls him. I love to see him playing with his boy.

I have learned a lot from Josh too! He is so brave, and he just gets so excited when he tries something new. When he walks to me...you can see him getting up the courage to go for it, and when he reaches me...he gets to tickled with himself. I think to myself...I want him to always have great courage to try the hard stuff that life with throw at him. In the Bible...God tells Joshua "to be strong and courageous!" I see this in my boy!!!

I take this lesson from my 9 month old son... "Take risks and try, try, try, even if and when you are scared, and when you reach the other side... you can thank God that you made it and be tickled with yourself too!"

Have a Courageous Day,