Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Art Project in Progress!

Here are some pictures of my working on the art project I mentioned on a previous post! I do have a 4th bedroom turned studio on the 3rd floor of our home...but I like the dining room table!! I hope to get my studio set up the way that I want it an use it as my "away from my home spot". See the finished product on or just hit the link on this page!

Dirty Dishes Again!?!

It is Wednesday morning about 6:45am and I finally have time to complete my Monday Post! :- ) I had arrived home from work with my son and we met daddy here at the house. We were both excited that we really didn't have any plans that evening except getting a few groceries. Lee, my husband, had already agreed to take Josh with him to the store... so I was set to have a little time to myself. Now with some peace and quiet in site...and hopefully some relaxation too...I was confronted by a sink full of dishes. I really felt like they couldn't wait because the kitchen needed to be clean and ready to receive the new groceries that would be arriving shortly.

I just thought to myself that this never ends! Dishes are something that never seems to end. The minute you breath a sigh of relief that they are done...either someone decides to have something to eat or drink, or you find some dishes in the other part of the house that you missed. I know that before I became a mommy, I still had to do dishes...but they didn't have the symbolic significance that they do now. Now I feel like if I can't keep at least the dishes done...I am a horrible mom and wife! (LOL!) Maybe not that drastic all of the time... but I think that the moms, working moms, and can understand. Sometimes you just need that one thing in your day that you can start and finish and see the immediate results and think..."Okay this is good!"

So I say all this to say... that my original plan was to take a picture of the finished product...but of course as life will have it... I realized that my refrigerator needed to be cleaned I began filling the sink again with food container and pots. Then Lee and Josh were home, and I was back were I started...trying to put away groceries in a messy kitchen with two extra people in the house.

So I laugh as I type because this is life, and that needs to be okay for me right now!! Especially since I would love to have two more kids :-)!!! I cannot measure my success and/or failure by this sink of dishes. I need to focus on the smiles and love I receive from the most important people.. My Husband and baby boy, Joshua Lee!

Take Care Until Next Time,