Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally... Before Shots of My Studio :-O

I have the finished results of my studio on my other blog. The link is also on this blog. Although it was such a process to get this room organized, I took a journey down memory lane that I wasn't expecting. I looked at some of my old paintings and how did I do that. Or what was I going through in my life when I created this. I found so many old pictures. I found many pictures that reminded me of college and my sorority days, pictures of my little brothers from when they were babies (now they are 18 and 14 yrs. old), and now pics. of my son and my husband. The circle of life is amazing. I also looked through some of my old journals. I have always kept a journal. I have journals that I have written in from the past 10-15 yrs. It is amazing to see how I have grown over the years. So many past memores are already stored here in my special space! I can't wait to create more memories here!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Studio

I haven't taken any pictures yet, but I am in the process or fixing up my studio! When my husband and I were looking for our first house... I only had a few things that were "musts", and one of them was a space to call my studio. So the place that God Blessed us with has a third floor finished/carpeted room!!! The perfect spot for me to call my own.:-)! Due to the fact that I was pregnant when we moved in, I put off making it my own and settled for my dining room table! So long story short...I have been reading so many inspiring blogs and taking the time to see my own blessings! I have decided that it is time for me to make my special place. I hope to sit and create, listen to my favorite CD's, drink coffee, meditate, escape, and so much more in this space! I will take some pictures as I go! It will be a constant work in progress, but that is okay because it is my space that I am creating!

Take Care Until Next Time,


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Holiday

Sadi My Cousin Victoria's Cat got into the Christmas Tree

Picture also of Victoria, Amber, and ME

I left my trip to Texas feeling so grateful for family. My parents are divorced, and have been for many many years. Even as an adult, I divide up the holidays when I can. I know have my own we work it out. Any way, this Christmas was spent with my mom's side of the family and it was much like a family reunion. My mom is one of five girls (no boys)! We are such a diverse bunch! Most of the children that have kids...have bi-racial children. It was amazing to see them all together. As my grandmother, mother and aunts get is becoming more and more obvious that it will be up to us, the next generation to keep the tradition of getting together alive.

My husband and I stayed with my brother...It was really special. I moved with my father when I was 12yrs old, and as a result...I didn't have a consistent relationship with my brother. Not to mention that he is about 7 or 8 yrs older than me. I also have an older sister but she was not at the reunion. So... it was great to stay with my big brother and look at the lives that we both have and the families that we have. When I was about 8yrs old he would walk me to school and all of his friends would say "she's so cute, she's so cute!" Such a funny memory! Him and his wife were the perfect hosts. I love them deeply.

We also stayed with my aunt and uncle who live about 10 min. from my brother. I love there amazing. Most of the family stayed there. Or I guess we could say those without kids stayed there.:-) My aunt and uncle are so much fun, and such a great example of love and commitment.

We played the game Would You Rather...Pls. Pls. get the game!!! It is so much fun to play!!! It comes with a board, but we just asked the questions and answered them... you will be dying!!!

One of the questions was: "Would you rather have a mouth full of loose teeth or a mouth with every fourth tooth missing?" You cannot say neither, you have to choose! It is so much fun to hear what people think. It brings you together as a family, and you can play it anywhere and at anytime.

I've talked long are some pics!!!

These are pictures of my Brother-in-law and his wife and son, the Beautiful Women in the Family, and a pic. of Lee & Josh and my uncle Marion Too!!:-)

Cousins, Cousins, and more Cousins

Me, Amber, and My brother's wife Jenea'

My niece Amber is in this pic. with her two boys Isac and Isaiah!

My cousin Amy with her husband Johnny and their three kids Hannah the oldest, Clair, and baby Nathan. Nathan and Josh are only a few weeks apart in age. Josh was born Dec. 18th and Nathan was born Jan 5th I think.

Amy, my niece Amber and I were all pregnant at the same time!!!!!!!

Uncle Charles with Josh

Okay these are all cousins
from left to right Carson 2yrs, Isac 1yr, Camden 8mo, Josh 1yr and Isaiah 6yrs

These are my nephews (my brother's sons) Camden 8mo, Carson 2yrs, Chuckie 17, Caleb 14

My brother with his son Camden