Monday, September 15, 2008

Past Weekend Project: First Window Mural

I worked on my first storefront window mural this weekend. I sketched out the picture on paper, and then went to town on this big window. This biggest challenge was painting the mural in reverse. The real picture is seen on the front of the window. What you see here is the back. I will take pictures of the front when I can get some day time hour shots. This mural was done for a daycare center that will be opening in a few months. I really believe that it will be successful. I have met so many nice people while painting this mural. It took me about three days. I began at about 8:30a on Saturday morning and worked for about 4 hrs. I went back on Sunday morning from 7:15a-9a, and then that same evening for several hours and now today is Monday and I put the finishing touches on it tonight. I can't wait to get the daytime shots. Fun! Fun! Job and it was nice to have some time to create!!! Sip coffee and jam to my new CD. Loved IT! I hope to do more in the future!

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