Friday, November 21, 2008

Being a Mommy !

My son will be 1 year old in less than a month! I am watching him grow and become smarter and smarter each day! It is amazing to see him as he learns new things. I am feeling a little sad because I feel like I don't have my baby boy any more! I read that these feelings are normal :-)! My son loves his daddy so much! When my husband walks into the room...Josh's face lights up and he says Dada Dada! I love watching the two of them. I feel so blessed and grateful that Josh has a mommy and daddy that love him deeply. I just feel more and more that he is such a precious gift from God. Being a mother is not easy...I just wanted to get a few things from the convenient store this morning and it was a whole production with the carseat and then trying to bring it all back to the car was a whole other deal. Thankfully I have met two nice ladies who helped me along the way! I am a first time mother and I was determined not to be a mother that gets easily worked up over the little things, but sometimes it is hard not to! He is my boy! My only boy! I could go on and on... He is so much fun. He has a really neat personality! He just makes me laugh! I know that my husband and I have a lot ahead of us, but with God we can make it! We hope to have more kids in the future! I can hardly wait!

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